Boko Haram Is A CIA Covert Operation – Wikileaks

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We have already been regaled
with reports provided by the
Wikileaks which identified
the US embassy in Nigeria as a
forward operating base for wide
and far reaching acts of
against Nigeria which include
but not limited to
eavesdropping on Nigerian government communication, financial
espionage on leading Nigerians, support and funding of
subversive groups and insurgents, sponsoring of divisive
propaganda among the disparate groups of Nigeria and the use
of visa blackmail to induce and coerce high
ranking Nigerians into acting in favour of US interests.
But beyond what we know from the Wikileaks report, what
many Nigerians do not know is that US embassy’s subversive
activities in Nigeria fits into the long term US government’s well
camouflaged policy of containment against Nigeria the ultimate
goal of which is to eliminate Nigeria as a potential strategic rival
to the US in the African continent.

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Abu Yazid Al-Bastami and the priest


The expert of God Ab Yazd Al-Bastm was sleeping the night, when he heard in his sleep, after the prayer of the paddle, somebody to call it in these terms: Ab Yazd, this night is one night of festival among Christians. Make your ablutions, and will join them in their monastery. You will be undoubtedly filled with wonder by Wisdom at God. He thus made his ablutions and entered the Christian monastery of Bassora. 
When the priest rose to pronounce his sermon in front of the parishioners, he says: I then to speak in the presence of a Moslem entered our monastery. 
– Our father, how can you be certain that it is Moslem, asked for the assembly. 
– The disciples of Muhammad carry on their faces the trace left by prostrations. 
When it beckoned with Ab Yazd to leave, this last answered: By Allah, I from will not go away as much as Allah will not have judged between you and me and It is rightest of the Judges. 

– In this case, we will ask you questions. If you answer with accuracy all our questions, we will believe in your Prophet. But if you are mistaken on only one question, you will leave from here only on our shoulders, the lifeless body! , The father Affirmed. 
– Installation all the questions which you wish, made Ab Yazd. 

The priest thus asked: 
1 – What is single not having a second? 
2 – What is both not having a third? 
3 – What is the three not having a fourth? 
4 – Four not having a fifth? 
5 – Five not having a sixth? 
6 – Six not having a seventh? 
7 – Seven not having a eighth? 
8 – Eights not having a ninth? 
9 – Nine not having a tenth? 
10 – What is the ten which can be geared down? 
11 – Who are the eleven brothers? 
12 – Which is the miracle which is composed of twelve elements? 
13 – Which is the family made up of thirteen members? 
14 – Which are the fourteen things which spoke with God? 
15 – Which is the thing which exhaled a breath without to have a heart? 
16 – Which is the tomb which transported its host? 
17-which is the thing that God created and of which It developed the importance? 
18 – Which is the thing that God created and of which He scorned the importance? 
19 – Which are the things that God created without father nor mother? 
20 – Who are those which lied and entered to the Paradise? 
21 – Who are those which told truth and entered in Hell? 
22 – What means: By the winds scatter! By the carriers of burdens! By the nimble slide blocks! By the distributors according to a command! 
23 – Which is the tree having twelve branches, on each branch being thirty sheets and each sheet bearing in it five fruits: three in the shade and two with the sun? Answer Ab Yazd! 

Ab Yazd rose while Allh reduced Its Quietude in its entire being. He says then: 
1 – Concerning the single one not having a second, it is about: Say, God is One 

2 – As for both not having a third, it is of the day and the night: We made night and day two signs. 

3 – The three not having a fourth are the three tests which Al-Khidr with Mose made undergo: And after they were assembled on a boat, man (Al-Khidr) there made a breach. When they had met a child, the man killed it. When they had arrived at an inhabited village, they asked to eat with its inhabitants. This marks separation between you and me, ditl’ man. 

4 – The four not having a fifth are the Torah, Psautier, the Gospel and Coran. 

5 – The five not having a sixth are the five daily prayers prescribed by Allah. 

6 – The six not having a seventh correspond to the six days of Creation : Indeed We created the skies and the ground and what exists between them in six days. 
This moment, the priest asked: – Why it is specified at the end it verse without testing least lassitude. 
Because the Jews and the Christians affirmed that Allah tested tiredness after having created the universe. This is why to refute this thesis, Allah inserted this precision in the verse. 

7 – Concerning the seven not having a eighth, they are the seven skies: That Which created seven superimposed skies. 
8 – As for the eight not having a ninth, they are the eight angels carrying the Throne Allah: While eights, this day, will carry above them the Throne of your Lord. 

9 – The nine not having a tenth correspond to the new miracles of Mose – peace and blessing on him. The priest then asked to enumerate them. He says: The hand, the stick, the crossing of the sea, food shortage, the flood, locusts, lice, frogs and blood. 

10 – About the ten suitable ones for gear down itself, they are the good deeds: Whoever will come with a good deed will have ten times of them as much; Allah multiplies the reward with which It wants. 

11 – With the question, which is the eleven brothers: I saw in dream eleven stars. Eleven brothers of Joseph. 

12 – The miracle which is composed of twelve elements: And when Mose required water to refresh its people, at this point in time We said: Striking the rock with your stick. And very of a blow, twelve sources spouted out some. 

13 – The family made up of thirteen members is: And also sun and the moon; I saw them prostrate in front of me. To the eleven brothers of Joseph the sun and the moon are added corresponding to the father and to the mother. Here are thirteen members. 

14 – The fourteen things having spoken with Allah are the seven skies and the seven grounds: Come both, gladly, badly liking. Both said: We come obeying. He issued to make seven skies in two days of them. 

15 – As for the tomb having transported its host, it is about the whale which had swallowed Jonas: The whale swallowed it whereas it was blmable. 

16 – The thing having exhaled a breath without to have a heart is the paddle: And by the paddle when it exhales its breath! . 

17 – The thing that Allah created and of which It developed the importance is the female trick: Your trick is really enormous! 

18 – The thing that Allah created and depreciated is the cry of the asses: Because most hateful of the voices, it is well the voice of the asses. 

19 – Allah created without father nor mother: Adam (peace on him), Angels, the ram of Ismal and the chamelle one of Slih. 

20 – Those which lied and entered to the Paradise are the brothers of Joseph: And they came to their father in the evening while crying. They said: our father, we went to make a race, and we left Joseph near our effects; and the wolf devoured it. 
But in spite of that, Joseph says to them: That Allah forgives you. It is Him more Misricordieux of misricordieux. 

21 – As for those which told truth and entered in Hell: And the Jews say: The Christians do not hold on nothing; and the Christians say: The Jews do not hold on nothing. 

22 – The spreaders are the winds, the carriers of burdens are the clouds carrying rain, the nimble slide blocks are the vessels which sail on the seas, the distributors according to a command are the Angels which distribute us our subsistence, and consign our good and our ill deeds, according to a divine command. 

23 – Lastly, as for the tree, it is about the year which is passed. This tree counts twelve branches corresponding to the twelve months of the year. Each branch carries in it thirty sheets, i.e. thirty days. And each sheet contains five fruits which correspond to the five daily prayers. Three are in the shade: prayers of laying down sun, night and paddle. And two are with the sun: the prayer of midday and that of vespre. 

Ab Yazd says to the priest then: I will pose to you in my turn a question and only one only. 
– I listen to you, made the Priest. 
– Which is the key of the Paradise? , asked Ab Yazd. 
The priest remained quiet. The parishioners then challenged it while saying: 
– You subjected very many questions to him and it has you 
answered perfectly. Now what it questions you in your turn on only one question, you ravel itself? 
– By God, I know perfectly the answer to his question, it is rather than I fear your reaction, affirmed the priest. 
– Answer and do not fear anything, rtorqua the assembly. 
The priest rose and declared: 
– The key of the Paradise is: L ilha illallh muhammad rasl Allah, it has there of god only God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God. 

At this point in time the parishioners repeated in chorus: L ilha illallh muhammad rasl Allah. 
And they made change their church into mosque where he was not adored any more 
that Allah, the Single one without associate.

fear and hope

I want my daughter to shudder when I talk about the time I grew up in. I want my son to say “Was it really as bad as that?” when I speak about injustice. I want my child to curl up in my lap and whisper, “But people didn’t know better back then, right daddy?”

Because I want to say, “No, they didn’t, did they? Things are much better now, don’t worry.”

But I’m terrified that if we keep picking our teeth with the bones of our neighbors, there won’t even be a future.

stages of lıfe

We are not, we’re being
We know not, we’re acquiring 
We spent 9 months in
Our mothers’ wombs
To complete our forms
Then we came to another womb
To complete our attributes
(Or destroy them)
To complete our knowledge 
To seek our origins 
What origins ?!
You didn’t read a story in the sacred books?
If you didn’t, listen:
There was a couple in a pure garden 
Enjoying the treats of Eden
But an envious creature called Satan
Deceived them to eat from a tree forbidden
After long temptation, they’ve fallen,
They regretted, they repented, and they were forgiven
After hearing words spoken
[By God]
They fell down from heaven 
To earth, with a second chance given
To get back to the first luxurious life

We shall all eat from that tree
As they’ve eaten
And we shall all be mistaken
For as we say “erring is human”
But we should always repent
With words broken
We should strive as they’ve striven
We should forgive, to be forgiven
We should in race quicken
To seek repentance and pardon
From our God, to regain Heaven 
Wherein we can complete our pleasure…
Wherein there is what you cannot envision
Therein believers can have vision
Of God, who is not like a man
Nor is He like a pigeon 
Or a Dagon, like some have written
For He does not look like any of his creation
Therein we can see Moses and Aaron
David and Solomon
Jesus, Muhammad, and all prophets
And pious people that have gone,
May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon them all
As it should be done…
Therein HAPPINESS indeed
Prepared SOLELY for the pious person.